Our Services

We offer a multitude of services, everything from Business Plans, Signing Specialist/document Closers, Legal Insurance to Buying/selling property.

Entrepreneurial, Financial, Professional Services Firm where conventional wisdom is being turned upside down.

Business Consulting

Maverick Consultants

“In a word we are Maverick’s”

The “Big” Question is… What’s at stake?

At Maverick Consulting, we take an unorthodox and independent minded approach to answering and addressing this question… Being your own boss gives you the freedom to do things your way and reap the benefits. There are many stories of entrepreneurs who start a business and get wealthy. These stories can be a reality for you. If you are dreaming of being the next Reginald F. Lewis, stop dreaming and call us, we can help you make it happen. As an entrepreneur you have to start thinking about marketing your business, developing a business plan, hiring and training employees, accounting and tax issues and much more. The Associate(s) Consortium, LLC one stop business center, can help you achieve solutions to all these issues. Call us and get a free consultation on your business idea.

We are not bound, nor trapped by norms of conventional thinking in our approach to raising important questions or presenting  plausible solutions.

Financial Services

George F. Carter Insurance

“Come let us reason Together”

At George F. Cater Insurance, we believe:

Any situation without a prudent man mind-set, is cause for alarm; worst it is a risky proposition.

Let’s face it, any and all insurance is at best a prudent proposition; however, when not taken is a risky proposition… Where do you stand?

We haven’t met a risk that couldn’t stand improvement… when was the last time you checked your status?

Everyday is another day to get it right; and everyday left alone is to be unsure.

Now that we have given you a few things to think about, let us show you how this works.

Professional Services

Gadsden Covington Services

“Getting it Right, and Getting It Done, now that’s value.”

At Gadsden, Covington, we strive not to be a success in the areas we serve, but rather to be of value and thus we welcome the opportunity to be of value to you. We offer various professional services that will facilitate personal and business needs within any community. It is our goal to serve with integrity and provide the most efficient and accurate services possible while keeping you apprised of our progress with any service you have entrusted to us.

Signing Specialist

As mobile signing agents we will travel to any location to notarize your important documents.  Our team of signing agents are located throughout the state of Florida and have experience handling an array of notarial documents, ie mortgages, automotive refinances, annuities, etc.

Claims Adjuster

In the event of a catastrophe The Associate(s) Consortium, LLC has licensed, experienced, independent claims adjusters to investigate and resolve residential and automotive claims.  We can estimate the nature and scope of an incident, leading to efficient payment of all third party claims.  We utilize such systems as Symbility for property claims, and Mitchell for auto claims.  Our team is also available to work as ladder assistants for catastrophic events nationwide.

Exam Proctor

Our network of mobile proctors is available to students throughout the state of Florida to facilitate your exams. Each proctor has been background screened and approved. No exams are proctored in homes and must be facilitated in public places. We will locate the ideal testing environment.

Real Estate Services

C-Group Realty

We Bring it At the right time, place, price Always!

At C-Group Realty, we have a strong commitment to Bring It; our expertise to your aid in identifying the best that life has to offer and we start with locating the home are other properties that will meet this objective.

Whether you are buying or selling, C-Group Realty offers creative marketing concepts and services to allow you to take full advantage of today’s Real Estate opportunities.

From finding revenue generating investment opportunities to the home of your dreams, C-Group Realty has the know how and expertise to take you every step of the way.

C-Group Realty offers experienced Agents who are fully trained professionals who knows that you call the shots. Our team will make it happen by helping you accomplish your dreams of finding or selling your home. Maybe you are an investor in this strong market not yet saturated. Call us, we can help make it happen.